Coin collecting is a roughly $11 billion market. It’s a hobby that transcends so many different demographics and is a novel activity that has been around for generations. 

If you’re a coin collector or someone interested in it, you need to know the types of coins available before you can build your impressive collection. We can help you with that!

Here’s what you should know about the different types of coins that you can collect. 

Coins From Different Countries

For many collectors, choosing pieces from different countries is the name of the game. These are popular items for any coin collection because so many governments throughout the years have produced tangible forms of currency that teach you a lot about the people who lived in that era. 

Whether you’re choosing to gather collectible coins that are still in circulation or options from the past, these coins are often impressive to look at and hold value throughout the years. 

Customizable Branded Coins

You can also create new coins from scratch that will be great for your collection. Many companies will create custom pieces that can include any kind of artwork or engraving that you’d like. 

Businesses throughout the years have also created their own customizable coins for collector’s items. For example, sports leagues put out coins that commemorate championships, and brands release coins that teach people about what they offer. 

Some companies choose to customize poker chips as a branding tool. There are several examples of these coins that you can collect, and they hold value because they are almost always limited releases. 

Military Challenge Coins

When you want to mix culture with value, military challenge coins are a great option. These coins have been used by soldiers and other military members throughout several civilizations. 

The purpose of these coins is for people in military branches and government departments to recognize each other. There are challenge coins made for different battalions, to honor the various branches, or as historical pieces related to military conflicts throughout the years. 

Each branch of the military uses challenge coins, and these are popular items for any collection. 

Precious Metal Coins

You will also add value to your collection when you add some precious metal coins. These are coins made with gold, silver, and other metals. Not only do the coins look great, but they are also worth more. 

Look into the weight of the metal and find out how it was made. Governments put out precious metal versions of their currencies, and certain coins from other civilizations were made from gold and silver. 

These coins are great conversation starters and are often some of the most coveted pieces that you hold in your collection. 

Collecting Different Types of Coins

These examples of different types of coins will help you build your collection optimally. The best thing you can do is take great care of your coin collection. Use these tips to help you build it to your liking. 

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