Have you been dreaming about starting a restaurant for a long time? To date, there are more than 660,000 restaurants in the US. 

Becoming a restaurant owner is an admirable goal but one that requires serious planning. If you are ready to take the leap and open your restaurant, what steps do you need to take? 

Owning a restaurant can provide the allure of tasty food and the chance to get your name out to more people. But like any business, there’s nothing easy about opening a new restaurant.

Read on to learn the proper steps in opening a restaurant today.

Making a Plan for Your Restaurant

Making a plan for your restaurant is crucial to opening a successful restaurant. You need to decide what type of restaurant you will open, the concept and menu, and the specifics of the services and products you will offer.

Additionally, you must determine the restaurant’s target market and the type of customers you want to attract. After this, you must develop an overall business plan, including your budget, staffing, equipment, and marketing.

You must choose a convenient and visible location for potential customers, research zoning and leasing laws, and select a licensed architect, contractor, and plumber. Finally, you must decide how to finance the restaurant and obtain the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance policies before opening your doors. 

Assessing Startup Costs

Aside from the inevitable expenses when starting a new business, such as accounting and legal fees, prospective owners must factor in the cost of equipment, supplies, menu development, and staff salaries. To start estimating startup costs, draw up a timeline to help organize the details.

Create a list of expenses, breaking them into categories like equipment and layout, inventory, suppliers, and permits, and begin researching the items’ prices. In addition, factor in ongoing costs such as rent, insurance, taxes, and marketing. 

Forming Your Restaurant Team

Hire a qualified head chef and staff, a manager to oversee the daily operations, front-of-house staff, janitorial staff, and dishwashing staff. In the long run, management and employees must operate at the same level of commitment and expectations.

You must create job descriptions, have employee manuals, and set clear and attainable goals for each team member. You will also need to consider hiring subcontractors and hosting regular meetings. Although this may seem tedious in opening a restaurant, ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly and completing all tasks is essential.

Obtaining Licenses & Permits

Generally, a restaurant business operator must obtain a business license, food permit, liquor license, and health permit. The restaurateur must register with the local city or county government to get a business license.

The local health department will also need to obtain a food permit. It will include an inspection of the kitchen before it can be approved.

Depending on the type of restaurant, the operator may also need to obtain a liquor license. You can get them from the local alcohol control board and a zoning permit from the local government. Also, get the right utensils, such as wooden bottle openers and kitchenware, for the best preparations.

Start Opening a Restaurant the Right Way With These Tips

Opening a restaurant can be intimidating. However, it is possible! You can ensure a successful restaurant brand with the right resources, planning, and hard work. 

Take the necessary steps, gain knowledge, and be open to expert advice. You will make your restaurant dreams a reality!

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