Though we’re seeing a trend where more and more doctors are moving away from private practice, still roughly half of all doctors take this approach to practicing medicine.

Going out on your own looks like more of a gamble when you consider things like what we’ve experienced over the past two years. The pandemic had a major economic impact on private practices as patients avoided going to the doctor early on and medical supply prices spiked.

Many physicians managed to remain successful in the face of adversity by changing the way they do things. This includes how they attract new patients.

Medical professionals are trained to care for patients but don’t necessarily have the business acumen that goes along with medical marketing. Can you relate? If so, keep reading to get practical ideas on growing your new medical practice.

1. Have a Business Growth Plan

What are your goals for your business? Have a plan in place to grow your business. Figure out what you want for patient volume. Set financial goals while keeping in mind your interests and passions as a doctor.

2. Invest in Digital Marketing

Use social media and encourage your patients to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post relevant content that your followers will share so you can engage with a larger audience and give your practice more visibility.

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3. Invest in Your Team

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a physician or your office manager, it’s important to choose team members that are the right fit for your practice. Choose carefully while keeping your long-term goals in mind.

Concentrate on establishing a high-quality staff so you’ll enjoy sustainable growth.

4. Make Valuable Information Accessible to Your Patients

Keeping patients informed with the right information leads to patient trust and that’s an important part of healthcare. If you can provide patients with an abundance of information online and in your waiting room, you will fight the misinformation they see online.

Create a website with high-quality, useful information. Include videos and blog articles that address current health issues. Monitor patient feedback on your social media accounts. Respond when appropriate.

5. Respond to Demands

Are you seeing an increase in the number of patients with a particular need? Are your demographics changing? Be sure to hire adequate staff to widen your services and add services to meet the needs of your new patients.

Grow Your Medical Practice

Any medical business can be challenging, but being a doctor, CEO, and business manager all at once is especially challenging. Follow these steps to reach your goal of growing your business into a successful medical practice while delivering quality care to your patients.

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