Are you pulling your hair out?  Are you ready to give up on digital marketing?  Have you blown your budget, and not gotten the results you expected? 

You aren’t alone.  While it’s easy to pay for clicks, the secret to success is turning those clicks into paying customers. 

The average click-through rate on ads worldwide across all industries is an astonishing 3.17%.  That means that if 100 ideal prospects are searching for your product on Google, less than 4 of them will see your offer.  If you’re in despair about what to do, contact  They can help.

What do you have to do to get your ads noticed? How do you convert prospects to customers?

Get Your Prospects Attention

The quality of your ads dramatically impacts the conversion rate of traffic.  Boring ads are not going to get a second of your prospect’s attention.

Your ads have to demand attention. Your ads have to compel browsers to click.  Unless you capture their attention, you won’t get any further.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

It doesn’t matter if they click on your ad if they don’t want what you are offering.  Give the prospect a compelling reason they should do business with you.

Your research should tell you what your customers want.  The best thing you can do is offer it to them.

Make Your Offer Affordable

If the prospect thinks your product or service is too expensive, they will not buy. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to lower your prices, it means you have to find creative ways to make your product more affordable.  If you sell a high ticket item, offer financing or payment plans.

Does your ad build enough value in your product to make it a good value for the price you are asking? Most prospects throw out the highest and lowest prices and buy somewhere in the middle.  Why is that? It’s because that’s where they perceive they are getting the most value for their money.

They Don’t Believe You

This is the most important reason someone will not buy from you.  If your prospect does not believe your solution will work for them, they will not buy. 

Show your prospects unquestionable proof that your offer will help solve their problem.

There isn’t a single thing listed here that is not under your control, which means you can have a successful marketing campaign.