Are you looking to invest in a timeshare? Nearly 10 million households own timeshares units in the United States. 

Marriott is one of the most trusted brands in the world, making it an attractive investment opportunity. With our overview, you’ll learn how to decide if a Marriott timeshare is right for you.

Are you interested in learning how Marriott timeshares work? Then it’s time to keep reading.

Ownership Of Marriott Timeshares

Marriott timeshares work by allowing owners to secure a deeded ownership interest in a particular Marriott Vacation Club resort. Owners can take a vacation at their resort anytime during the year, with priority given to timeshare owners during peak travel periods. Depending on the size and location of the timeshare, owners will typically have access to a large suite or unit with a full kitchen, living room, and other amenities.

Owners will pay a one-time fee in exchange for the exclusive rights to access their unit and resort amenities. Marriott timeshare ownership typically puts no restrictions on how many weeks a year the owner may use the property. The owner may choose to use their weeks at any participating Marriott Vacation Club resort.

Additionally, Marriott timeshare owners are often eligible to reserve extra vacation and travel packages, discounts, and other promotions through the company’s vacation exchange network.

Points System

Each individual property within Marriott’s vast portfolio of resorts and hotels offers a certain amount of points per year. For example, if you purchase a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare, you will receive a certain amount of points each year that you can use to book a stay at any of Marriott’s resorts, hotels, or other properties.

You can also purchase additional points packages to add more points to your account. Points are good for one year and can be carried over to the following year. 

Flexibility Reservation Priority 

With ownership of a Marriott timeshare, you will gain access to you convenient vacation time throughout the year, allowing you to stay in various Marriott locations every time you travel. With Marriott’s reservation priority, members are able to book units up to a year in advance.

They don’t have to worry about being unable to find availability. Additionally, timeshare owners have the ability to utilize points to book additional weeks or choose from a variety of resorts from around the globe.

A Marriott timeshare is an investment purchase that provides the owner with vacation access to certain locations and accommodations. As such, there has been a high demand for Marriott timeshares and their subsequent re-sale business – Marriott Vacation Club Resale Value.

Club Membership

Club members can purchase points-based packages with fixed week-to-week pricing, allowing them to book vacations to places like:

  • Maui
  • Vail
  • London
  • Vegas

Aruba  Marriott Vacation Club timeshare owners also have the ability to exchange their vacation for accommodations at other resorts in the global destination network. Members receive exclusive discounts and deals, and third-party exchange programs make exchange vacations even more appealing.

The simple contract structure for a Marriott Timeshare Club Membership includes fees such as a one-time purchase fee, an annual fee, and an optional maintenance fee. Marriott Vacation Club ownership can save members significant amounts of money over the years, making timeshare vacations a viable and attractive option over the long term.

Make Purchase Decisions About Marriott Timeshares Ownership

Marriott timeshares offer a great way to save money and enjoy a luxury vacation. As a Marriott owner, you can enjoy quality accommodations and exclusive discounts available only to Marriott Vacation Club Owners. 

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