In the digital age, businesses have to adapt if they want to stay relevant. So they must invest in quality digital marketing. And when it comes to this, video is king. If you look at what people are watching and scrolling on their phones, you’ll notice that it’s mostly videos on Tiktok, Youtube, and Reels. As a business owner, you’ll need to take advantage of this and create video ads.

Video ads are one of the key strategies you need in your digital marketing because it’s the best way to tell people what you’re selling and who you’re as a business. And with the help of Movidmo, you can create quality video ads in no time.

What is Movidmo

If you want a video ad maker with plug-and-play templates, Movidmo is the perfect choice for you.

This video tool comes with a host of stock footage, which includes videos on almost every topic. So if you are lacking some video ideas, looking at the stock footage should inspire you. But that’s not even the best part because this has a very flexible pricing model. 

Instead of a monthly subscription, you’ll only need to pay as you go, starting at $5 per video. You can also buy credits in bulk to get some discounts.

If you are not constantly churning out video ads every month, this video ad maker is for you.

What Video Ads Can You Create With Movidmo?

With a powerful video maker tool right at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless with Movidmo. Below are just some of the things you can create with it.

Platform Specific Ads

Creating video ads for Facebook, Instagram or Youtube can be taxing. Each platform has a unique audience. So you need to present your videos in the right tone and manner to capture your audience’s attention.

But that will not be a problem when you use Movidmo. With customizable plug-and-play templates, you can easily create video adverts without brainstorming for several hours. All you need to do is scroll through what video ad template you like. 

Movidmo will also let you customize your logo and contact information with its prepackaged call to action in its video ad templates. And you can choose different size formats for your videos to find the right one for different social media platforms.

But if you like to create your video ad from scratch, that won’t be a problem with the Movidmo video editor.

Video Cards 

Video cards are great for any occasion. And with Movidmo, you can create unique video slideshows with your photos and videos with awesome transitions and music. Text captions are also available. So you can create something both for businesses and personal ones. 

You can either create video cards with customizable templates or create one from scratch. And it’s easy to share your creation on social media or keep it as a permanent record for the special occasion with the help of Movidmo.

Educational Ads

Educational ads are great for persuading, informing, and updating your audience about your products and services. And Movidmo makes it easy for you to provide an overview of the subject matter or flesh out the key concepts. Plus, with the help of prepackaged video templates, you can create informative and visually-appealing videos that you can tailor to different subjects.

So, whether you want to create a video for a classroom setting or a general audience, Movidmo can help you.


Video ads are essential for your digital marketing strategy. And you will need to have the right tools with you. Fortunately, there’s a Movidmo video ad maker. So if you know anyone having a hard time creating video ads for their business, sharing this article should help.