To make our referral, our objective would be to put our customer first, and this is possible only if we offer exceptional products and services. We may use social media for referrals, e.g. google searches, social media channels, customer reviews on social media etc. Apart from this customer’ Word of Mouth’ is the best referral of all.

Lead Conversion Plan

Prospects become customers as the things they want to get and what you want to give are offered. Our priority is our clients, and we want to meet their needs and wishes. We respect our consumers and make sure that our customers are satisfied with us.

The customer chooses to quickly adjust their allegiance if the product does not retain its standard and efficiency. On the first business opening day, we will receive a 20% discount and free distribution to our loyal clients, as well as free t-shirts for the one-day celebration.

We will pick our leading qualifiers, who are our opportunities, whenever we introduce new promotions and enticing offers, notify our customers through text, email and advertising, and keep in contact with them on a regular and weekly basis.

Service Experience

Our services start with treating every customer equally and taste our own. Per customer would have an open contact line with us. Our partners will track each customer objectively. If any of us have any questions or complaints, we are always available. One of the easiest ways to keep a customer happy and enrich the service level is to respect the customer and show them why they should be loyal. If we give fantastic service and a great product, there won’t be any doubt or justification that the customer would not be faithful. We would also carry time to time various offers to keep our clients guessing about our subsequent sales or recommendations, and it would also include them on our social media site. We know that our more significant customers are young people.

Loyalty Product/Service Offerings

The following are included in our Loyalty Product/service offerings:

  • Loyalty Points for any purchase made.
  • Points can be traded with friends or returned to Free Pizza.
  • Over ten purchases a month, Big Pizza deals free of charge.
  • Children’s toys and goody bags.

Customer Retention

Consumer satisfaction is an essential part of companies’ sustainability and development. We’re going to spend money on customer acquisition. After the purchase, we’re going to continue and respect their degree from suspect to potential, and finally, a premium and champion client. We have helpful and cooperative workers with a high degree of customer service expertise. We sell them and reward them with affordable packages and engage our employees with premium services and taste. We will track every input from the customer and ask each client to take advantage of our services. We will also review input forms and reviews on our website and attempt to answer their questions in a competent and friendly manner.

Marketing Calendar

Daily Basis: 

Evaluating feedbacks, follow up calls on deliveries, deal for the day.

Weekly – Reviewing leads.

Monthly – New marketing initiative, Comparison of results against budgeted.


  • Core message
  • Introductory Price cut
  • Promoting Coffee with food
  • Website/blogs/magazine/direct mail
  • Social media posting boom
  • PR and referrals
  • Ramadan Festival Offers
  • Event Launch
  • Food Festival
  • Corporate Social Responsible Activity

Acute Numbers:

Our sales criteria will be followed through our MIS framework that keeps up our consumer record and database. All leads, Centrals, deals and allusion get through our branch. Our showcasing division will follow the sources through which a client visited by input assessment structure, and we will offer all our pleased clients to make an accolade or a food audit for us on the sites.

Final Thought

“Business success is depended on the right set of knowledge plus decision”

The above blogs aids with the knowledge of how is business planned before then right set of implementation is applied. The business needs the inflow of financial which is backed by the accuracy of planning’s. “Considering Reviews before taking right decision for a business is additional – tip just as Besturate delivering right set of rules with years of experiencing different set of business tools”