Aluminum extrusion angle is the name for a certain shape of aluminum extrusion that has a 90-degree angle. This kind of extrusion is often used in the building,  manufacturing, and automotive industries to make things like frames, supports, and corner brackets, among other things.

In most businesses, they’re proud to offer customers aluminum corner extrusions that are strong, durable, and easy to clean, maintain, and polish. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself or an expert builder, many aluminum angle supplier squad can assist you in getting the right extruded aluminum angle for your needs.

From this guide, we selected the best suppliers for your needs in your next project and see how the aluminum angle profiles make a difference in quality, strength, and flexibility.

Weiye Aluminium

WEIYE is a company that has been around for 30 years. They have been keeping up with the look and times ahead. Unlike traditional after-sales service, the future plans will focus on making a perfect distribution system abroad. They want to make dealers who agree with their idea of business cooperation into cooperation places, increase the demand for local goods, and make a better system for after-sales service. Even if it’s far from abroad, they try and make a good service system.

Eagle Mouldings

Aluminum angle extrusions, which are L-shaped aluminum channels and are made by Eagle Mouldings, are made by extruding metal. Angled aluminum extrusions manufactured by using these presses” are in stock and ready to ship in a wide range of metals, tempers, sizes, thicknesses, lengths, and whether the legs are the same length or not.

Angle extrusions made of aluminum are resistant to corrosion and easy to cut, machine, and join. Angle extrusions made of aluminum are strong for how light they are, don’t crack under stress and aren’t magnetic. Aluminum is used in almost a limitless number of industrial and commercial building projects and goods that are made. Different uses and needs call for different sizes and shapes of aluminum angles.  


It is one of the best places to get high-quality extruded aluminum angles. It has a wide range of sizes and uses to meet the needs of your building project. Their aluminum angle channels are light, strong, and easy to use, which makes them great for building frames, supports, table tops, countertop edges, and the frames of truck and trailer beds.

The company is an expert in L-shaped aluminum angle profiles that are extruded with care to ensure they are always strong and of good quality. These profiles are great for making furniture, molds, decorations, metal corner guards, door structures, and outer corners.

Their aluminum angle profiles have different anodized and mechanical finishes, making them a beautiful addition to any building or design project. They have many different sizes of aluminum extrusion angles so that one can find the right one for your job.

Take away

If you need a trusted company to make aluminum angle extrusions, the above list is the best choice. Want to learn more about aluminum angle extrusion? Feel free to get in touch!