Did you know that McDonald’s gives out over 1.5 billion toys each year? It just goes to show how effective product giveaways can be! 

Many business owners or managers want to run event marketing giveaways. But they’re not sure about the benefits, or the best way to run a giveaway.

We’ve put this article together to explain how event giveaways can benefit you, as well as outline some simple examples and event giveaway ideas. Read on to learn more. 

1. It’s Easy to Do

There’s a lot of effort that goes into setting up an event. Naturally, you won’t want to add lots of stress by adding complicated planning to the equation. 

The good news is, event giveaways are super easy to organize! All you need to do is choose a product and distribute it. The product can be as simple as you like, with basic items like plastic horns or paper streamers sometimes working well. 

Giveaways for sporting events prove how easy it can be. Baseball teams often distribute trading cards, gloves, and other cheap items to their attendees. This can encourage ticket sales and build an atmosphere at games. 

2. Giveaways Generate Hype

 Any business promotion works best when there’s plenty of hype and excitement around it. If you can get people in the community excited about what you’re doing, 

Just think of the goodie bags given away at the Oscars each year! They’re jam-packed with expensive goods from exclusive brands. Most providers of these event gifts actually have to pay large amounts for the privilege! 

It’s well worth sounding out local non-competitors to see if they might be interested in providing products for you to give away and potentially paying for the privilege. 

3. You Could Benefit From Free Advertising!

Merchandise giveaways have the potential to give you an advertising double whammy. 

As long as the products you’re giving away carry your company branding and are designed to be seen in public, you’ll turn participants into walking billboards! 

Giving away simple products like lapel pins printed with your company name or logo could work well as a simple, cheap product to use that also promoted brand recognition.

4. Event Giveaways Can Attract Sponsorship Revenue

Giving away free items is unlikely to cost you much. But did you know it can even make you money?

Sometimes, it’s possible to partner up with another company to promote their brand and yours at the same time! 

For example, when McDonald’s gives away toys in a Happy Meal, they might receive sponsorship revenue from a film or cartoon franchise that wants to promote their brand. 

We’re “Giving Away” Free Content, No Strings Attached!

Event giveaways are an amazing way to boost brand awareness and promote your event. By getting creative and doing a little research in advance, it’s easy to get the best out of the concept.

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