Purchasing a car requires you to look beyond the vehicle’s price tag. You would be using the vehicle for at least ten years, afterall.

So, have you factored in the maintenance charges, fuel efficiency, and, most importantly, its insurance costs?

In Canada, drivers often look out for the best cars to insure in Ontario to be on the affordable end. While purchasing fancy cars with the latest features looks alluring, you need to be financially prepared to purchase its insurance coverage as well.

It would be wise to consult an insurance brokerage like Surex, where professionals can help you find the best car insurance quotes in Toronto. To ease your decision-making process, we have come up with a list of cars with the least insurance costs.

However, we have shortlisted these cars based on their practicality, fuel economy, and user rating, and not solely based on cheap insurance rates. This ensures you have a reliable vehicle that doesn’t rob you with high insurance costs.

How do insurers calculate your premiums?

Before presenting you with the best cars to insure in Ontario, let’s examine how reputed insurance companies calculate their premiums. Remember, cheap car insurance doesn’t mean you would be spending less and compromising for inadequate coverage. Reputed automobile insurers consider the following aspects while determining the annual premiums.

  • Cost of the vehicle
  • Nature of the car
  • Your claim history
  • Safety ratings of the vehicle
  • Usage and purpose of the car
  • Tentative replacement and repair costs
  • Chances of theft

Best cars to insure in Ontario: The ultimate list

Here’s the list of the most reliable cars involving low insurance costs in Ontario for you to purchase.

1.   Toyota Tundra Automatic 2WD ($1,200)

The established Japanese carmaker, Toyota, has come up with its two-wheel drive car, Toyota Tundra Automatic. Compared to some of the other models of Toyota, this car involves low insurance costs. The annual premium would be around $1,200, which is quite reasonable for a car of its class. The car brings you sophisticated safety features, a powerful V8 engine, and ample cabin space. Besides, its traction control features work wonders both on the road and off the road. The innovative window design provides adequate visibility to the driver.

2.   Mitsubishi Mirage ($1,174)

At $1,174 annually, the Mitsubishi Mirage seems to be a reliable vehicle for you to purchase. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient and compact car, you should settle with this vehicle. This is a trendy hatchback that can easily navigate through challenging weather conditions in Canada. Besides, you would appreciate the fuel efficiency of this car. It doesn’t compromise performance or engine power in any situation. Besides, the car comes integrated with several modern technologies to make your rides breezy.

3.   Chevrolet Spark ($1,086)

While the Chevrolet Spark dominates many Canadian provinces, few car owners know that this car is extremely easy to insure. At an annual premium of $1,086, the Spark from Chevrolet happens to be one of the highly recommended vehicles to purchase.

This is a stylish hatchback that proves to be pocket-friendly when you try to get it insured. The car has an excellent safety rating, making it a reliable pick for your family. So, if you are looking for a dependable vehicle to navigate within your city, the Chevrolet Spark won’t disappoint you.

4.   Toyota Corolla ($1,273)      

The Corolla from Toyota continues to be a reliable car. Well, each year, the Japanese carmaker sells more than a million cars of this specific model. This defines the popularity and reliability of the Toyota Corolla. Now, coming to the insurance cost, you would be shelling out around $1,273 a year.

In terms of safety ratings and reliability, it is one of the best in the category. Besides, this car has several add-ons to enhance your driving experience. The peace of mind that owners enjoy with the Corolla remains an asset. Apart from being swift and luxurious, the car happens to be extremely dependable as a commuter vehicle.

5.   Honda Civic ($1,311)

Currently, the Honda Civic is one of the most popular compact cars with four doors on the market. The annual insurance cost for this car is around $1,311. Owners love the crisp and smooth rides in this sleek car. In case you are looking for the essence of luxury without draining your pockets, this car would be a good pick. Besides being reliable, the Honda Civic offers a generous fuel economy.

Moreover, in Ontario, you don’t get too many cars with affordable insurance costs like the Honda Civic. This car has performed consistently well over several years.

6.   Nissan Sentra ($1,300)

The Nissan Sentra is one of the best cars to insure in Ontario. The annual cost of insuring this vehicle is around $1,300. This is a compact car, but you would appreciate the features of a midsize vehicle that it offers. The interiors of the Nissan Sentra are quite roomy. Besides, the car brings you a sizable trunk. In terms of safety rating and fuel economy, it impresses buyers.

The engine power of the Nissan Sentra could have been better. However, as long as you drive within your city, this car won’t disappoint you. This is a reliable vehicle in terms of security and drivability.

Evidently, the Nissan Sentra finds its name among the best cars to insure in Canada.


As a car owner, you must be aware that insurance premiums are based on factors like estimated repair expenses, actual price, safety ratings, and driving record. The insurance premiums mentioned in this article might vary based on these factors.

However, we have recommended some of the best models that are easy to insure in Canada. If you have a decent driving record, you should be able to get these vehicles insured at relatively lower costs than other models on the road.

For the best quotes, reach out to the insurance experts at an online insurance brokerage. The professionals can give you an accurate estimate of how much you need to shell out as an annual premium for each of these models.