The Caribbean region refers to a chain of islands surrounding the Caribbean Sea, consisting of 13 countries besides various dependencies. Almost everything seems to be perpetually invigorative, cheerful, and celebratory in this part of the world, perhaps best exemplified by the Carnival.

Even though the islands share some physical characteristics, each has something unique to offer. For instance, some islands have rugged mountain cliffs shooting out from azure waters, while others have relatively flat terrain. The fantastic diversity on offer also extends to its culture, cuisine, and history, as you would notice during your Caribbean vacation.

Even though all the islands, from Barbados to Jamaica, invite many tourists, the Dominican Republic is one of the most visited destinations for its outdoor adventure opportunities, fabulous white sandy beaches, and various sightseeing opportunities.

If you want to know about the top places to visit and things you can do during your visit to this fantastic island, here is the information.

Explore Santo Domingo, the capital city

Santo Domingo, a modern and dynamic city, combines the old with the new, where Renaissance-style palaces share space with casinos, marinas, and urban parks. During your visit here, you must explore the Colonial City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for being the site of the first European settlers in the Americas. The intricately connected narrow streets have architectural masterpieces dating back to the 16th or 17th centuries, from Alcazar De Colon to Calle Las Damas. Enjoy shopping at Calle El Conde, a cobblestoned street lined with souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. Go for a picnic at the National Botanical Garden or make your way to Malecon at sunset for spellbinding views.

Spend a beach holiday at Punta Cana

If you love your fair share of beaches, which is one of your main reasons for visiting the Dominican Republic, you must include Punta Cana in your itinerary. It has about 48 kilometers of white sand coastlines dotted with swaying palm trees and the best resorts and boutique hide a ways that offer the pleasures of modern beachfront living. You could visit any of its eight beaches, not just for a suntan, romantic seclusion, but also for its fishing, swimming, and water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and diving. Interestingly, the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea on this island. Punta Cana is also a golfer’s delight with its ten sprawling golf courses besides the beaches, luxurious marinas, and stylish restaurants.

Go whale watching at Samana

When seen from above, the Samana Peninsula looks like a long finger stretched out into the bay. Located in the Dominican Republic’sRepublic’s northeastern part, it once saw pirates hide in its forests and beaches while European and Haitian armies fought for its waters. Even though it is easily accessible by land and air, you would be surprised by the abundance of seclusion and solitude. Rolling mountains, crystal clear rivers meeting the Atlantic Ocean, and valleys that wear a contented look characterize its landscape. However, it is most famous for its whale watching. Almost 2,500 gigantic humpback whales visit it every year, shooting out water fountains from their noses and performing backflips, showing their unbelievable agility. The official whale watching season lasts between January to March, so that’s when you should book your tickets. Besides whale watching, you could enjoy trekking and caving in Los Haitises National Park, watching El Limon waterfall, and try kitesurfing in Las Terrenas.

During your Caribbean vacation, these are some things to do and places to see in the Dominican Republic. It is an ideal holiday destination for friends, families, romantic couples, and even solo travelers looking to enjoy sightseeing, adventure, shopping, and leisure.