With its year-round sunshine and tropical climate, it is no wonder that Florida is not only one of the topmost destinations for Americans across the entire countryto visit but also a top vacation spot for international travelers.

If you are planning a Florida vacation, either for a short weekend break on your own or a relaxing two weeks with the entire extended family, continue reading!

Why Not Consider Camping?

There are numerous impressive advantages to choosing to spend your vacation beach camping in Florida, and, as such, there are so many different sites to choose from that you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

Alternatively, of course, you could choose to stay off the beaten track, and unless your choice is Ocala National Forest (which has specific provisions for campers), make sure you bring a bear canister or bear bag in bear territory and avoid ponds, rivers, and lakes.

Don’t Waste the Mornings!

Another simple yet effective tip is to make sure that, even if you are suffering from a little bit of jet lag, you make every effort to wakeup early in the morning and head to your destination so as not to waste any precious vacation time.

Even if you simply get there and enjoy a coffee or two in the cafe before you start exploring, car parks and picnic areas will fill up fast, so getting to your tourist destination as soon as possible is strongly advised.

Advice for Theme Park Enthusiasts

If your main reason for choosing Florida in the first place is to enjoy the plethora of world-famous theme parks, then this next section is tailor-made for you.

Even if you are someone who likes to getup each morning and not have a tight schedule for the day planned out for you on vacation, it still pays to bite the bullet and order and pay for your theme park and national park tickets beforehand.

There is a wide plethora of websites offering discounts on group bookings and other perks for people looking for the ultimate Wizarding World Experience or who want to kayak in the Floridian rivers, and you are likely to save serious amounts of cash by booking ahead.

Extra Luggage Space

Sometimes, especially if you are heading out on vacation for a week or more, the temptation to pack absolutely everything you own is hard to resist, and if you are planning on staying in one area and not leaving the ocean, then this will probably work out for you.

Conversely, however, if part and parcel of your dream Florida vacation is to visit the selection of huge and entertaining shopping malls, then you must remember to allow extra space for all the goodies you intend on buying.

Many international travelers, especially those from the UK, like to buy their electronics and other larger and more expensive purchases in the US, as these technologies are usually significantly cheaper than in their home country.