If you are a regular visitor to the City of Angels, you have probably been to the Grand Palace a few times already, enjoyed Terminal 21 and the neon lights in Soi Cowboy. Many expats visit Bangkok every few months on business and after a few years, there isn’t much of this sprawling metropolis that you haven’t seen.

We decided to do some searching and we found a few Bangkok attractions that you really should see on your next trip.

  1. Bangkok Forensic Museum – Not for those who are faint of heart, the Bangkok Forensic Museum is located at Siriraj Hospital and it is home to some gruesome exhibitions of human anatomy. Jars containing deformed babies and authentic autopsy photos are on display, but as mentioned already, this is not a suitable venue for those with a nervous disposition. A central location just opposite the Grand Palace, the museum is open from Wednesday to Monday, opening at 10 am and closing at 5 pm.
  2. Wat Samphran– This Buddhist temple is located on the road to Nakhon Pathom and is the only place in the world that you can see a huge dragon tower! This attraction isn’t really on the tourist map as such, so you will see mainly local visitors and the 17-storey tower has a massive dragon wrapped around it. The temple is about 40 km from the centre of Bangkok; search online for guided tours, make a booking and the tour guide will meet you at your 4 Star Hotel in Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 11, which is super convenient. One highlight is the surrounding gardens, where you can sit and take in the beauty of well-manicured lawns and tropical flora and fauna.
  3. Papaya Studio – Located in Lad Prao, you will never see another shop like this! It is easier to say what is NOT for sale, such is the inventory; ceramics, electrical products, pinball machines, mannequins, indeed, everything vintage. Of course, you want to know if the items are for sale, some are, some are not and be prepared to haggle. The best way to enquire about a price is to take a photo of the item, find a staff member and ask. Don’t be surprised if it is not for sale.
  4. Explore the canals – Most of the many canals that run through the city operate water taxis, which are longboats (most are electric), while some sport a huge V8 diesel engine. A great place to start is Phan Pha, which is near Democracy Monument and set aside an entire day and get off whenever you fancy, you will have a great time! Click here for a few more cool things to do in Bangkok.
  5. Muay Thai, Lumphini Stadium – There is nothing quite like spending an evening watching top Muay Thai fighters competing in the ring; the atmosphere is electric and most cards are well attended; if you’re lucky, there will be a championship fight. Located on Ram Intra Road, any taxi driver knows this venue, plus you can find out more on the web.

The capital city of Thailand has many layers to explore and we hope that our suggestions meet with your approval.