macOS stands apart as a robust operating system with several in-built features that makes it ideal for designers, musicians, and people from all walks of life. Gamers might have to wait for Apple to offer them an immersive gaming experience, but the company might achieve this mean feat in the next few years.

One of the reasons macOS is different from Windows and Linux is its comprehensive selection of applications specifically designed to accentuate productivity. From high-end video editors to task managers and text editors, macOS has got you covered.

While the list of applications is too fast, and it would even depend on your particular line of work, here are a few general apps that you must install on your Mac system to streamline your workflow. These apps are feature-rich and promise to take your Mac-using experience to the next level.

Organize your myriad apps with Bartender 4

Bartender 4 is an incredible application designed to help users stay on top of things when using too many applications. The program lets you select the apps that will appear in the menu bar and arrange their position to suit your preference.

The user-friendly tool has been designed to keep you organized and allow you to systematize the different aspects of your interface. You can even look for particular items or move items into the Bartender Bar if you need to create additional space.

Before purchasing the app, you can choose a 4-week free trial.

Open links in particular browsers with OpenIn

Thanks to OpenIn, you can always open emails in Gmail, Zoom links in Zoom, or any other application of your choice. Moreover, the app allows you to personalize selector lists for emails, links, and files to optimize your workflow. You can even create a list of options to instruct your system on how to open mailto links when you click such links.

So, if you want to choose a browser for every link, this Mac app will help you streamline your actions. It even helps you customize how you open files with specific file extensions.

View multiple windows side by side with Magnet

Does your work demand you to work with multiple windows side by side? It might not always be easy to view multiple windows, but installing Magnet can make things easier. The app is created explicitly for multitaskers and presents a stress-free way of arranging your desktop.

Use Magnet to quickly drag and snap windows to the corners and edges of your screen. Then, the windows will be locked into place. There are even predefined keyboard shortcuts to make things easier for you.

Always stay on schedule with Fantastical

If the in-built macOS calendar isn’t doing it for you, check out Fantastical. The app is considered one of the best calendar apps you’ll need. The app comes with a robust set of tools and a full-screen calendar window. In addition, the app’s USP allows users to create reminders quickly. For example, you can type in “Brunch with Matt on Sunday at noon,” and the app will schedule it with a reminder.

The app’s free edition is minimal and offers functions like the ability to add, edit and delete events. You will even get a three-day forecast. However, you need to purchase the app to unlock its premium features like priority email support, 10-day weather forecast, etc.

Block content and work distraction-free with Quiet 3

Compared to Windows, Macs boast a cleaner interface. However, the interface can become cluttered quickly if you are using the system for your personal or professional work. When you combine the clutter with distracting notifications from social media and colleagues, it can be quite challenging to focus on the tasks. That’s where Quiet 3 comes to your rescue.

The Mac app is a content blocker and will prevent pop-ups and notifications while using Safari. The app is also customizable, and you can create an assortment of rulesets according to what you want to be blocked.

While the Quiet app for iPad and iPhone only works for Safari, the Mac app provides a system-wide filter.

Embrace flexible file management with Hazel

Your Mac remains incomplete with an organization application. That’s where Hazel comes in. The app lets you create rules for recognizing, moving, and sorting downloads and files. It paves the way for flexible file management, and you can automatically sort out specific types of files and apply tags and names.

The app is user-friendly and comes in handy for various scenarios. It is a hands-on organizer, and you can even get a family pack for $65.

Final thoughts

How many of these applications are you already using? These are some of the feature-rich macOS apps your system needs to help you perform to your optimum capability.