In this modern world, everyone and every business are dependent on their social media accounts, and Instagram is one of them. Everyone uses it, and every business needs it. 

Instagram is a very active social media application used by millions of users out there for many purposes. Some people use it for entertainment, some for content creation, and others for their business. Whatever the purpose and the user may be, the main goal for every user on Instagram is to see who followed them recently and who recently followed someone they love. 

Instagram is all about the feed. The longer the follower list you have, the more time you spend on your Instagram account scrolling and reading texts. If someone has just posted content on their feed, their content will show up on your feed too, and likewise, your posts on others’ feed will also show up.

How to see who has recently followed someone you know personally or someone with whom you are concerned?

Some years ago, Instagram did allow us to see the followers one someone else in chronological order. Many people use this to keep an on eye their boyfriend or girlfriend’s Instagram following list.

Unfortunately, when it comes to knowing about the recent following list of concerned ones, that is not possible because Instagram does not offer such an option. This app does not display the following list in chronological order meaning that you cannot see who followed them recently. The accounts you see on their following list may be one week, one month, or one year later.

But there is some beauty hidden in the Instagram following list! You can see your following list in an order which shows you the most recent followers at the top. The most recent follower is displayed at the top, while the older follower is displayed at the bottom.

If the number of followers is less than 200, the followers will be displayed with their names in alphabetical order. But if the number of followers is greater than 200, then the list is displayed based on your interactions with your followers. 

If you are in the same situation then, how can we find you? Do we need to find another method not provided by default in Instagram? The method is to use another browser – Safari.

You can see someone’s following list in chronological order in this browser. You can apply it to your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Instagram account to know whether they are cheating.

Closing remarks: 

As discussed above, there is no direct way to see who someone has recently followed, though there may be many methods. But the method we have discussed above is one of the best methods that work properly for these purposes.

So, if you want to check who someone recently followed on their Instagram account, make sure that you open your Instagram in the Safari browser. Do this to keep track of the Instagram account of the person you love.