Do you need an upgrade on your glasses? If so, you need a few tips on eyeglass trends for the new year.

As there are trends for clothing, there are trends for eyewear too. By learning about the latest trends, you can find stylish new glasses that boost your image and confidence.

If you want to update your look and experiment with new frames, read below and choose among these popular styles.

Keep reading to learn about the top eyeglass trends for this year.

Tinted Lenses

They provide fashion-forward looks perfect for any situation, from work to going out with friends. Not only do they look great, but they also have practical benefits.

Tinted lenses protect from the sun’s harsh rays, eliminating glare and helping reduce eye fatigue. You can use them in various shapes, from cat-eye to aviators to timeless wayfarers.

Whether heading to the beach, the city, or the boardroom, tinted lenses are the perfect choice for any trendsetter. For more eye care using a tinted lenses, you may visit eye doctors in layton for best eyeglasses for you.

Thin and Minimalistic Frames

Minimalistic frames allow your personality and features to show while still looking classy and stylish. Thin eyeglass frames are pretty comfortable to wear; you don’t need to worry about your glasses being too heavy or bulky.

The best part about thin and minimalistic frames is that they are versatile, and you can choose a style and color that works for you. Thin and minimalistic frames can dress up a basic outfit or act as a subtle statement piece, depending on your type.

Oversized and Bold Frames

These unique frames are perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of personality to any outfit. They come in various shapes and styles, from classic wayfarers to bright, statement-making frames.

This eyeglass trend is perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement and those looking for a more classic look. Oversized frames are ideal for those with a more angular or round face shape as they help create a balanced, symmetrical look.

Transparent and Clear Frames

Whether you want a minimalistic touch or a vintage vibe, these frames offer the perfect balance. The modern look of a clear frame, coupled with the versatility and lightness of the structures themselves, is sure to be a popular trend among all ages.

Clear frames also make the perfect accessory for many outfits from business attire to casual Fridays. Clear frames are here to stay, and we’re thrilled to add the chic, discreet look to our list of favorites this year.

Geometric and Angular Shapes

Geometric and angular shapes constitute a significant eyeglass trend seen everywhere this year. The angular shape draws focus to the eyebrow line. It adds a certain sophistication to even the most casual of eyeglass styles.

Bold solid temples and unique temple lengths add geometry to eyeglass fashion trends, creating complex frames that always draw attention. Those looking to modernize a classic look should invest in a pair of the trendiest geometric and angular frames.

Knowing These Eyeglass Trends Now

This year, embrace eyeglass trends that make a statement and flatter your face. Try a bold and trendy frame to add style to any outfit, or wear classic shapes for a timeless look.

No matter which look you go for, you’ll make a statement in eyewear this year. Visit your local optician today for more eyeglass-style advice.

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