When looking to find a tattoo design, people tend to find inspiration from traditional art. But, where should you look to find yours?

Making a tattoo that represents the depths of your imagination can be a daunting task. Not only because of the fear of getting something that might grow weary with time gnaws people, but also because a messed-up design can ruin the area for any future tattoo designs. But, that is not all, as many creative minds struggle with finding the right inspiration for their next tattoos. So, how can you deal with it?

Finding your next tattoo is about a demonstration of your personality. While some might resonate with a simple flower design or any element of nature, others might lean more towards a retro design or something more non-traditional. But, there are a few tattoo types that stand out and we will be going through some of the most famous designs in today’s world of tattoos. So, let us begin.

1. American Traditional

Wherever you find tattoo designs, you will find one common traditional design among them, and that is American traditional. This is a design that has been around for almost a century and it employs artistic elements from all eras. From using retroelements to the most advanced design tactics of today, chest tattoo designing experts suggest that American traditional tattoos are filled with colours, intricate patterns and a certain sense of vivid imagination.  But, the reason that it stands out on this list is that America is usually considered the top market for tattoos, designers and enthusiasts. However, the reason that it stands out for tattoo lovers is that it portrays the unconventional and opposite sides of a person.

2. Biomechanical

Biomechanical is one of the top designs in the past few years. Creating an illusion, presenting a body part as an intricate piece of mechanical design, biomechanical tattoos take an advanced method of design and inking to pull it off. For the lover of steampunk art and love of the time when steam engines raged through the tracks, biomechanical is nothing but a vivid figment of their imagination. For example, think of Winter Soldier from marvel in real life, as that is the kind of illusion that it can achieve when done right.

3. Tribal

From sportsmen to the representation of heritage, Tribal tattoo designs are some of the most famous of the modern era. Not only because tribal tattoos are widely considered a thorough depiction of Maori tribes, but also because they use intricate, yet bold design patterns. Usually, these tattoos comprise design elements that present the traditional artistry of Samoan tribes. But, including Mayan art and featuring modern tattoos, such as American traditional in these designs has also become a common trend.

4. Traditional Japanese

Traditional Japanese tattoos are some of the most famous kinds in today’s world. If you love art, then you’d know that traditional Japanese art is one of the most intriguing and beautiful traditional arts. Now, think of that art employed into a tattoo and creating a certain sense of representation. While for the Japanese people, this is more about the portrayal of their culture, for the western part of the world, it is about intricate patterns and unique colours that make these tattoos stand out.

5. Black Work

Blackwork tattoos are perhaps the simplest, yet the ones with the most impact. Think about a bold, dark picture with minimal design elements but the maximum effect and an emphatic statement. Chances are, the image that you painted in your mind is ideal for a blackwork tattoo. These tattoo designs usually feature long and dark patterns, chock-filled with black ink. Many consider these tattoos to be the jewel of a tattoo enthusiast, as not many people have the pain tolerance to get one of these.

6. Dot Work

Dot Work tattoos can the simplest, yet the one with the most design elements that you can find. Think about medieval art crossed with sand painting. That is the type of visual effect that these designs create when executed properly. Dot work tattoos are an interesting addition, as the can also feature cultural and heretical representation.

7. Surrealism

As the name suggests, surrealism tattoos are about surrealistic art that makes you look twice. Usually devising bold design patterns along with intricate lines and colours, these tattoos often portray an illusion-like feel, that a person might need to look closely before they could understand the image.

Wrapping It Up

Some of the honourable mentions are trash polka, torn skin, sketch and paintbrush tattoos. Yet, these top designs stand out as they are also seven of the most wanted tattoo designs in the US. However, it all depends on your taste and where you might find inspiration for your next one.