Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest and most loved daughter of the
global billionaire and businessman, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. She
has two siblings, a brother named Rory John Gates and a sister, Jennifer
Katherine Gates, both are elder to her. She is American and follows
Christian beliefs.

Some Facts about Phoebe Gates

Phoebe is 18 years old and completed her graduation in June 2021.
She is now enrolled in Stanford University.

She is tall and has 5’10” Feet height and 50 kg weight.

She has a net worth of $10 million by her father. However, it can
be increased after the divorce of Melinda and Bill, legally with
financial distribution in the family.

She has a boyfriend named Chaz Flynn with whom she studied,
travels and is seen on social media often.

She is a ballad dancer and loves being artistic. Her social media
presence has increased after she made her account public.

Phoebe’s Upbringing

Phoebe was born on 14 September 2002 in Washington DC. Being born
in a tech billionaire’s family doesn’t mean she was acquainted with
technology and smart devices in childhood

In an interview, Bill Gates shared that Phoebe and his other kids were
given smartphones after turning fourteen years old. The family rather
believes in simple living, high thinking. Bill Gates didn’t allow any of his
kids to use technology in any excessive manner. Phoebe has a strict
upbringing where she had to follow certain rules, made by Bill. She
couldn’t use mobile or any gadget on the dinner table. Moreover, she
was allowed a particular and limited screen time for an early sleep at
night. She was provided with a certain amount as pocket money for the
normal house chores.
Bill Gates from an early age introduced his children to social works and
charity rather than technology. There is a massive impact on Phoebe as
she understood the philanthropy experience from both her parents.
Like her father, Phoebe is an avid reader. She is one of top fans of
Author John Green and appreciates his book, The Fault in Our Stars,
The New York Times Best Seller.
Phoebe completed her graduation in June 2021. She was appreciated by
her father, Bill Gates and he showed immense pride in having a
daughter who is a kind, positive and wonderful adult. He can’t wait to
ascertain what she accomplishes next.

Phoebe’s Education

Phoebe went to the Lakeside School where her father and siblings
studied. She is a lover of art and dance. She joined The School of
American Ballet and the Juilliard School to become a professional ballet
dancer in New York City. Apart from schooling and education, she has acquired the working of social charity and learnt with her father by
participating in those philanthropy activities.
She graduated in June 2021 and enrolled in Stanford University like her
sister Jennifer. Her family is happy with her doings and allows her to
choose and achieve whatever she wants.

The Gates’s Family

Melinda French Gates is a great businesswoman, philanthropist and a
worldwide advocate for ladies. She is the co-chairperson of Gates
Foundation, along with Bill Gates. She is also the founder of Pivotal
Ventures and the author of the New York Times Best Seller, The
Moments of Lift. She has an enhanced social media and generally posts
motivation, appreciation, philanthropy and book posts. She has
American citizenship and comes from Irish and German Ethnic.
Bill Gates or William Henry Gates III is the fourth richest person in the
world with $124 B according to the Forbes 2021. He is a multitasking
billionaire, a successful software developer, philanthropist, author,
investor, etc. He is known as the founder of Windows in computers
known as Microsoft. In spite of the wealth, he is generous and
transcends this humility in his three children.
Phoebe Gates has two siblings, one brother and one sister. Her eldest
sister is Jennifer Katherine Gates. She is an equestrian and engaged
with Nayel Nassar, an Egyptian Olympic Equestrian. She features a
current net worth of around $20 million. Phoebe has an elder brother
named Rory John Gates, 21 years old. He is an entrepreneur and stands
for a net worth of $20 million.

The family has a main home in Medina, Washington known as Xanadu
2.0, having a value of more than $130 million.

Phoebe’s Boyfriend

Phoebe Gates has a boyfriend named Chaz Flynn. One can easily feel
their love’s warmth in Phoebe’s social media handle, especially
Instagram where she posted her vacation pictures. She enjoyed her
vacation with her boyfriend Chaz and it’s evident from their wide
smiles, from clicking pictures together at prom, etc that the couple can
be engaged soon like Phoebe’s sister Jennifer.
Flynn has a private Instagram account which doesn’t reveal him to the
public. However, he was spotted with Bill Gates and Phoebe, heading to
Manhattan on 24 May. He attended Lakeside School along with Phoebe.
The relationship between the young couple is revealed by Phoebe’s
Instagram where the mates were seen enjoying and travelling in
different locations of the globe. Both are animal lovers and have
Phoebe has not spoken about her relationship formally but it seems
that both Phoebe and Flynn are dating from 2019 and their love is
getting stronger. There is not much about Chaz Flynn on Instagram as
per now and his LinkedIn too doesn’t reveal much about him.

Her Net worth

Being the youngest and most loved child of the world’s richest man
doesn’t mean she is a spoiled girl with too much money. Bill Gates is
known for his philanthropic activities including charities and donations.
According to him, after his death, his 90% wealth will be donated. He

wants his children to get proper education and build themselves to
achieve something. However, all of his children will get $10 million.
The net worth of Phoebe is $10 million but after the divorce of Bill and
Melinda, there will be some distribution of finance which can increase
Phoebe’s net worth slightly. She has a dream to do well and achieve
whatever she likes.