Jodie Fletcher is a Popular American star kid. She is well renowned only because her parents are celebrities. she is the daughter of Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampino. Now talking about Jodie Fletcher’s fatherTerrell Antoine Fletcher who is also known as Terrell Fletcher, is a community advocate, author, and entrepreneur and also the former American Football running back who played in National Football League. Whereas Sheree Zampino who is the mother of Jodie Fletcher, is an entertainer, an actress, and also an entrepreneur, Sheree Zampino is also currently running an online fashion store that was initially started with a focus only on jewelry and accessories and has now expanded to shoes and clothing. Basically a head-to-toe fashion boutique for women. Sheree Zampino was the first wife of Will Smith (Famous American Actor and Rapper), which lasted for only two years.Sheree later started to date Terrell Flecher, after dating for a while in 2007 she got married to Terrell Fletcher but unfortunately, her second marriage with Terrell could not last longer than seven years due to their Irreconcilable differences, and they got separated in 2014.

About Jodie Fletcher

Jodie Fletcher is an African-American by ethnicity and has an American nationality. Being born and raised in a rich celebrity family, walking to the red carpets at the age of 12, and having every wish fulfilled in short, Jodie had the best childhood one could ever ask for.Jodie Fletcher reportedly has no official social media accounts, she has no account either on Twitter or on Instagram or maybe she just does not have any verified public account.

Jodie Fletcher Age

Jodie Fletcher’s date of birth, the exact year of birth, horoscope is yet to be confirmed. But some say, she was born in January 2007, whereas the other contradicts by saying that Jodie was born after two years of their parent’s marriage. Keeping this information in mind, we can tell that the star kid is somewhere between the age of  12-14 years old.

About Jodie Fletcher Parents

Sheree Zampino (Mother of Jodie Fletcher)

Sheree Elizabeth Zampino is an American actress, producer, and successful television star. Zampino first got married to the popular American actor, rapper, and film producer, Will Smith after dating him for a few years. Zampino and Smith got hitched in the year 1992 and six months later, Sheree gave birth to a handsome baby boy and the couple became parents of their only child Trey Willard Christopher Smith. But because of some uncertainty, the couple decided to break up their marriage. According to the actress, the two were too young for a responsibility like marriage.

In an episode ‘Red Table Talk’ on ‘Facebook’ Sheree opened up about her divorce with Will saying “Our marriage ended because we were so young, It is just a lot of responsibility” she added “Marriage is not easy specially at that age”  in Marriage is not easy, specially at that age”. On valentine’s day, 1995 the actress decided to file divorce and later the two officially announced their separation.

Sheree Zampino later in the year 2007 tied the knot with former American Football Player, Terrell Antoine Fletcher. For Sheree, this marriage did not turn out to be successful either. And due to conflicts and their irreconcilable differences, the couple decided to split in 2014. Sheree ended the marriage claiming spousal assistance from her now ex Husband Terrell Fletcher for their daughter, Jodie Fletcher.

Sheree Fletcher is also running an Online Fashion Store Sheree Elizabeth, for which she is the founder and CEO herself. Besides, she can be seen on “Eat. Pray. Live. with Sheree Fletcher” on Black Hollywood Live.

Terrell Fletcher (Father of Jodie Fletcher)

Terrell Antoine Fletcher is a Former American Football Player in the NFL (National Football League) where he played as a running back. In 1995, Terrell was selected within the NFL Draft for the San Diego Chargers. After playing seven years for San Diego Chargers Terrell announced his retirement in 2002.

Terrell Fletcher, after his retirement, became a priest. The retired American Footballer worked as the senior priest at Metropolis Hope Worldwide Church located in San Diego, California. Terrell also has a website Terrell Fletcher, where he serves his philanthropy, athletic and other services. Despite that Terrell Fletcher is also an author and a public speaker. Terrell Fletcher is also the owner of Wake Up Ur Dream, LLC. Terrell Fletcher is a coach, he coaches entrepreneurs, sports, industry leaders, executives, and entertainers; according to Terrell Fletcher “My desire is for the listeners to connect their head with their heart and produce good products with a purposeful perspective in mind.”

Currently, Terrell is married to Kavalya Fletcher with three children, Kya, Kory, and Kingston.

Jodie Fletcher Siblings

Jodie Fletcher has a step-brother or you can call him her half-brother, William Christoper Tery Smith, who is also known as Tery Smith, who is the son of Sheree Zampino and Will Smith. Talking about their sibling relationship, Sheree Zampino was heard in an interview saying that her kids have a relationship of true brothers and sisters and not of half-siblings. Except for this Jodie Fletcher does not have any other siblings apparently.

Jodie Fletcher Education

Jodie Fletcher right now is a pre-teen. And for now, Jodie’s parents believe it is better to keep her away from the media. But as per researches and her approximated age, she must be 12 or 14 and has not finished her schooling yet and is in school. But the name of her school and other details related to her educational life is still kept hidden from the media. z

Jodie Fletcher Career and Net Worth

Jodie has not stepped into the media industry yet. Being the child of two big celebrities, Jodie Fletcher was born with a silver spoon. Jodie’s Father’s net worth is $6Million and surprisingly her mother Sheree Zampino’s net worth is also $6Million that is somewhat by her acting and by her business. As Jodie Fletcher is still too young, this might take some time for her to discover what she wants to do in life. She must have not even decided whether to start her career by choosing acting as a profession or to choose something else. However, she has made an appearance in 2020 on television as Jessica Simmon in Hunted and was also seen in Colosseum as a Contestant in 2019.