An organization needs to stay in touch with its clients and potential clients. Constant engagement with the business stakeholders helps establish a relationship and makes the company more recognizable. 

People will not forget about your business quickly if they hear or read about it at least once every two weeks or a month. 

It is why it is essential for companies to engage in Email marketing and to send targeted messages to their contact lists. 

The contact list could contain all the customers and other external stakeholders critical to the business. 

However, writing and executing such Email campaigns are easier said than done. One must carefully curate these Emails to align with the interests of the business and the target audience. 

Companies use broadcast emailing to get their message across to numerous people quickly. With just a push of a button, the business can send an Email to thousands of people. Compared with automated Email campaigns, broadcasting is done for a specific target group. It could be either to inform about a new product or a promotional offer. On the other hand, automated emails are triggered by an action, for instance, when a customer signs up, makes a purchase, and so on.

When it comes to broadcasting, there are certain types of Emails that you can include in the broadcast messaging. 


A newsletter is a simple way to slide into your target audience’s inbox, arguably one of the most effective ways to get their attention and get your message across. 

If your business has a blog page and social media, you must include a newsletter in your Email marketing strategy. You can link your recent blogs in the newsletter or share any recent milestone the company has achieved. 

Broadcast emailing through newsletters is all about staying in touch with the external stakeholders and trying to build a community around shared interests. Organizations and businesses must not overlook the importance of newsletters. 

Product releases and other updates

A business often launches new products or services in the market at regular intervals. The target audience, stakeholders, community, and potential customers must be aware of the upcoming products. 

Sending updates about product timelines and their release dates will keep the people interested, and if you play the cards right, you might be able to build hype around your product, even before it launches. 


It is a form of a newsletter, but more condensed and specific. A newsletter might contain information about the company and general essential industry updates. But, a digest, on the other hand, is quite detailed. It might include blogs, surveys, news, and videos about a particular topic that might be trending that week. 

Sales and promotional Emails

If the company is doing work and launching good products or offering discounts, the stakeholders must be aware of those offers. A company must send promotional emails as it can help drive up sales. 

You can send emails if you offer discounts, free shipping, flash sale, credits, etc. These things are worth mentioning in a promotional email. 

These are the four main types of email broadcasts that you can send out to external stakeholders to establish a relationship and strengthen your presence in the industry.