If you have just passed your driving test and are looking to acquire your first set of wheels, car maintenance is part and parcel of vehicle ownership; today’s car comprises of around 30,000 components and things can and do go wrong. 

Here are a few tips to help you take care of your vehicle.

Read the owner’s manual

Every car has an owner’s manual, a handbook that contains everything you need to know, as the vehicle owner. In the rear of the manual, there is a service section, every time the car is serviced, the details are entered, along with the garage stamp and details of the work done. If you own a car from new, make sure you don’t miss a service (mileage intervals) and the car will retain more value as it ages.

Check lubricant and coolant levels 

Whether diesel or petrol, you need to check the engine oil and water coolant levels; other levels to check are brake & power steering fluid. When topping up engine oil, make sure the properties are in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines; the oil filter needs to be changed when the engine oil is replaced. The owner’s manual has diagrams to show you the local of various fluid reservoirs.

Cut a spare key 

If you’re wondering, where to find a car key locksmith near me, Google can help you to locate a mobile outfit who will come to your location and create a secondary key that you can use in an emergency.

Checking tyres 

A quick walk-around to inspect the tyres is recommended before every outing; look for tears and bulges, checking the interior edge as well. If a tyre is lacking air, this will be visible when you inspect the tyres. In the event tyres need replacing due to normal wear, they should be changed in pairs, or all 4; never change a single tyre unless for a short period to get you home. The tyres are the only thing touching the road, therefore, they should be safe and in good condition with adequate tread. If you are involved in a car accident, here are a few questions to ask your insurer.

Manufacturer-approved service garage 

It is important to take your car to a garage that is approved by your vehicle manufacturer; this will ensure that all service work is completed by qualified mechanics. Always insist on genuine parts and keep all receipts and bills connected to car servicing.

Car detailing 

If you want to take the best care of your car, visit a car wash & detailing centre for a full detail, including wax and polish. Protecting the bodywork will prolong the life of the vehicle, while the interior will always smell fresh when it is detailed. A car detailing expert like https://ricarsalon.com/ will have your vehicle looking in tip top shape after their service is done. 

The average car should be serviced every 5,000 – 8,000kms, which would be online and engine oil/filter replacement and a few other checks and the service details should be logged in the owner’s manual. With correct vehicle maintenance, your car should be ready for use at any time.