CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. The Cisco CCNA certification is an associate-level course, one of the prestigious certifications worldwide for IT professionals. With this certification, IT professionals can acquire job roles as network administrator or network engineer with good pay. Today, many businesses and companies utilize Cisco services and products for IT infrastructure and networking demands. Hence, certified CCNA professionals are sought-after by such companies.

There are eight different CCNA courses: CCNA Cloud, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Industrial, CCNA Collaboration, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, CCNA Routing and Switching, and CCNA Service Provider. You can take any CCNA course online with Koenig Solutions. It is one of the foremost online platforms that offer a gamut of IT certifications. Some expert tutors at Koenig Solutions deliver high-quality training of the globally-recognized CCNA course.

The CCNA certification validates individuals for their expertise in IP connectivity, security, fundamentals of networking, IP services, automation, etc. Upon completing this course, individuals have a strong understanding of implementing a Cisco router, network fundamentals, installing and configuring IPV6 and IPV4 networks, WAN and VPN concepts, using routers and switches to carry out host-to-host communications, etc.

To pursue the Cisco CCNA certification, one has to appear for the examination. As mentioned above, there are eight different Cisco certifications. Individuals have to appear for the examination as per the course they select. It is necessary for applicants to have a detailed study plan to crack the CCNA examination. The CCNA course fees and exam fees are different.

Below are some effective tips and tricks that you must know how to prepare for the CCNA examination.

5 Tips To Prepare For The CCNA Certifications Examination

Possess A Strong Practical Knowledge

To appear for the CCNA examination, only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. You should also possess in-depth practical knowledge about the course. You must be able to apply the course’s theoretical knowledge in real-time to resolve networking and troubleshooting problems. When you implement theoretical knowledge in real-time, you will quickly understand the concept and remember it for a longer time.

Collect The Relevant Study Material

Possessing an appropriate and correct study material is another essential factor to appear for the CCNA, a Cisco certification examination. Several books and online resources are available as the study material. You must refer to two books to prepare for the CCNA exam – Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2.

Both these books are the Cisco book’s newest editions. Moreover, you must also refer to the Cisco Press’s ‘31 Days Before’ series. If you are an expert in binary mathematics, you can comfortably clear the CCNA examination. Hence, expertise in binary mathematics would be a plus point. Once you have an appropriate study material, prepare a time table and study accordingly. Additionally, make short notes while studying that will act as the summary of the course.

Practice Mock Tests

Practice makes the man perfect. Practising mock tests will help you in determining the nature of questions. With mock tests, you can frame a proper time management strategy. Moreover, you will encounter the sections in which you are weak and need to focus on. Once you identify your weak sections, work on them and prepare well. Some CCNA training institutes conduct mock tests one or two months before your scheduled examination.

Refresh All Concepts Prior To Exam

Before the examination, it is difficult to go through the entire study material. As mentioned above, you can make short notes while studying that may help you overlook all concepts before the examination. Additionally, you can reread Cisco Press books to recollect all concepts. Ensure to refresh all concepts two to three days before the CCNA exam. Doing this will help you to learn anything

that you might have left for the first time.

Take Rest Before Exam

Taking rest before the examination is quite essential. Make sure you have a proper sleep one day before the exam. Feeling restless and sleepy during the examination may not help you in solving the question paper.


CCNA is one of the reputed and globally-recognized certifications. Grab the opportunity to become a globally accepted networking professional with CCNA certifications. The CCNA certification cost varies according to the training institute you choose.